Flytco Faces of Disc Golf - Featuring Pro Disc Golfer, Swiss Affolter

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Flytco Faces of Disc Golf - Featuring Pro Disc Golfer, Swiss Affolter

Meet Swiss!  This guy is the nicest, most enthusiastic disc golfer you could ever meet. He is the first to welcome you to the club and help answer any questions if you're new to the sport. He is a professionally sponsored disc golf athlete who truly loves the game and the community this sport creates. 

What got you into disc golf initially? 
I played Ultimate Frisbee for UT Martin. My grandmother heard of another sport involving frisbees called disc golf and gave me a Innova starter pack for Christmas in 2014. I’ve been playing ever since! 

Do you play for sport, hobby, competitively? 
I play competitively, for fun, as a hobby, and give lessons to all ages! My PDGA number is 85187.


What is your favorite reason to play disc golf?
I really LOVE the sport! I love learning how to throw different discs and seeing how they fly. I love seeing the different lines to reach the basket! I want to see this sport grow at the capacity that ball golf grew.

Do you have any other hobbies?
I play several other sports such as bowling, soccer, and ultimate frisbee.
How does your love for nature play into your love of disc golf? Do you have a favorite course or place you have played before? 
I love getting to play different courses in different areas. It allows me to see so many beautiful parks!! My favorite disc golf course is Harmony Bends in Columbia MO. It’s the most amazing course I’ve ever been to!!! Disc golf is my way of meeting new people, making friends, getting exercise, and a way to get out of the house!!


How can we follow you on social media?

You can find me on Facebook here and Instagram @Swiss85187

Do you have any advice for someone who is just getting into disc golf? 
My advice for someone who is new to disc golf is DO NOT BUY A BUNCH OF RANDOM DISCS! Lol let someone show you a few good beginner discs to start with. They might even give you a few! 

Thanks Swiss for everything you do in the disc golf community and sharing your story with us.

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