The Family Behind Flytco

Hello from our little family!
We are the Watsons


Flyt Disc Golf Supply started here in our small town of Columbia, TN.  Birthed from our love of disc golf and love of exploring the world around us, we are excited to bring a true outdoor lifestyle brand to the world of disc golf.  

You are here because you are probably a lot like we are... you have a love for disc golf, that goes beyond the chains. You love not only disc golf, but hiking, kayaking, surfing, exploring spectacular new terrain and following wherever the trail leads you. Disc golf is how you connect with nature. How you get outside and play. How you create community.

It is so much more than a game!

At Flytco we believe disc golf is for EVERYONE!  Adults and kids alike need more play in their lives.  Our culture needs to spend more time outside in the woods, on the mountain, at the beach and less time behind screens.  Disc golf is the perfect marriage of play, sport, adventure, and freedom and we are hell bent on helping it grow.  

Disc Golf is skill, competition, camaraderie and community packaged up perfectly in a way that helps you get outside in your community and experience life more!  More earth beneath your feet, more fresh air in your lungs, more excitement in your life!  

Through our philanthropy projects we plan to continue to foster the growth of disc golf in local communities through school programs, community education and conservation efforts in public lands and parks.  The more people we can inspire to love disc golf like we do, the more people we will have helping to create beautiful public spaces where we can play more, rest more and feel more alive!

We are here for the adventurers, the seekers, those that love the game, and are true athletes of life!  Grab a disc, grab someone you love and get out there and play!

Thank you for supporting our company, our family and our mission to create a world where being outside is the norm and disc golf is everyone's favorite sport!